Friday, July 20, 2012

Jet Set Radio and Final Fantasy Versus XIII news.

This will be a short but sweet news find until more things come out later. One is good the other depending if you like the genre or not can be a bit of both.

Jet Set Radio HD to be released on IOS and Android 

One of my all time favorite Dreamcast games is set to come out as an HD remake on both PSN and XBLA. Well not it is being confirmed to be released on IOS and Android this summer, in conjunction with the consoles,PC and Vita versions. Sega revealed that players would be able to use their camera to create graffiti and share their designs through OpenFeint. This is interesting because I would love to see what people come up with in their graffiti designs. I do hope that it won't be too difficult to play. Look for Jet Set Radio sometime this summer.

Final Fantasy Versus  XIII reportedly canceled 

According to an article from Kotaku, Square Enix reportedly canceled all development on Final Fantasy Versus 13. The source of the reports are from a varied group of unnamed sources speaking directly to Kotaku. Seems that alot of the games designs is possibly being used for Final Fantasy XV. A statement from Square Enix to Kotaku amounts to a "no comment" on the matter. This last part can pretty much confirm that the game is dead in the water. I am sure some of the ideas will be used in one of the other games if not in Final Fantasy 15. I would expect it is because of how the market is going they would not want to invest in a game that might be an iffy anymore. Who knows one can only wait and see.

Minecraft XBLA sells 3 million units 

Wow talk about the little engine that could. I was so against Minecraft coming over to the Xbox 360. I just did not think it would be a game that would sell well on the system. Well I am eating crow for that one. I myself bought the copy to play with a friend of mine but am not avid with the game. The announcement came from Markus"Notch"Persson on his twitter this morning that he received the news of Minecraft selling 3 million units. The game has been received and supported really well with the latest update going live last week. Perhaps when I get done with Skyrim I will take a travel into the single player side of Minecraft.

Command and Conquer now playable on your browser 

EA's new free-to-play title, Command & Conquer:Tiberium Alliance is now live on all browsers. The company behind turning the RTS franchise into a browser based game is Aeria Games. So look to be growing your bases and build partnerships with other players. There will be both PVP,and PVE scenarios.As always you can choose to play as either the Global Defense Initiative or The Nod factions. The game like most free to play models is supported through microtransactions as well as freemium items. I am sure someone will make this a hit for EA and company.

 Well that is all I got for now. Hope you guys are having a great day. If I see more big news I will post about it as soon as I can.

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