Saturday, July 21, 2012

Gaming Backlog Time!!!! BOOYAA!!!

So...I haven't been able to post much in the last week. That's mainly due to the fact that my son (River) managed to snap about 10 keys off of the laptop keyboard. So it was a little difficult to type. Anyways...For 12 bucks and a little A+ certified know how, I was able to replace the keyboard and now I'm back up. Go me!

OK. So I haven't really gotten any 'new' games recently so I've decided to tackle the gaming backlog. I know you all got those games that you look at on the shelf (some of them not even out of the plastic) and say "Yeah, I'll play those someday." time is now. So I'm going to take em on. All those games that I haven't really played through. Gonna do it. Of course I'll probably get side tracked on some other game that someone lets me borrow or something, but at least I'm going through it.

Here's the list of games that I'm going to take on:

Dragon Age II - Started this a while back, but never got too far into it. I like it that it plays out kinda like Mass Effect and what not, but it didn't hold my interest at the time. I'm going to make a concentrated effort to play this.

Culdcept Saga - I played the demo of this a loooooong time ago and it was really cool. Just not $60 cool. So I managed to snag it a couple of months ago for about $7. Not too shabby.

Rage - I played a little bit of this, but I may have to do it in spurts. This seems like an FPS with no soul. There really isn't an interesting story to it, but it does look pretty and is fun to play. I just hate that Five Finger Fillet minigame.

 Hunted: Demon's Forge - Yeah...not too exciting here, but I'll get to it since I own it.

Space Marine - I just told you that I borrowed Culdcept Saga from a buddy...well I let him borrow that in trade. When I get it back, I'll get to it.

Batman Arkham City - Not sure why I haven't played this yet. Just don't want to start it and drop it after 15 minutes due to something else. Just want to be immersed in it.


 Halo 2 (PC) - This....this one I'm planning on running through just to get some achievements. If my buddy, Ashe, would like to whore this game out I'm down.

Diablo III - What can I say? It's Diablo...and I'll have to run through it.

Dragon's Dogma - This one I'm not so sure about. It looks like they just stuck some story to Monster Hunter. And I wasn't a big fan of Monster Hunter. Just seemed...muah.

Final Fantasy III (DS) - I lied a little bit. I picked this up because it wasn't too expensive. And I wanted to play it. It'll give me something to do when I can't get to my 360.

Anyway...Wish me luck. It'll take a while and I'm sure something big that I must have to have will come out before I can get through these. But I'm gonna do it!

Later guys!

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