Thursday, July 5, 2012

Capcom goes Old school, more Halo Spec-ops and the cutest Agent 47 gets released date.

Yesterday was Independence Day here in the states and with that I was swamped behind a grill while friends and family came to enjoy themselves at the house. I hardly had a chance to breathe but I am grateful that everyone enjoyed themselves. I hope all of you enjoyed your 4th of July. If you celebrate it that is.Now on to today's bit of gaming goodness.

Agent 47 gets Vinyl Release

 Today I/O Interactive revealed the Hitman:Absolution Deluxe Professional Edition. In addition to getting a copy of the Professional Edition of the game, which comes with a making-of DVD, the Agency Gun Pack DLC, and an art book,
the Deluxe Professional Edition will come with a brand-new 10” vinyl figure of Agent 47.
According to Jon Brooke, Brand Director I/O Interactive commented: "Our community and fans mean the world to us and we've worked hard to create a collectors edition which we think they'll love." The little vinyl is cute but am I the only one a little creep out by this? Anyway the standard Professional Edition will retail for $80, but I/O and Square Enix haven’t yet put a price on the Deluxe Professional Edition. Both versions of the game will be available in limited quantities this November. If you are big on Hitman I suggest you go to your local game place and pre-order this one.

Capcom goes Old School fighting stance with XBLA/PSN.

This September, Capcom will be bringing Marvel vs. Capcom Origins for XBLA and PSN. The title will bring back arcade classics Marvel Super Heroes and the very first tag-team battler, Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes, with a variety of  updated features. All the familiar traits of both games will return, including Marvel Super Heroes' Infinity Gem system and Marvel vs. Capcom's Duo Team Attack, Capcom will be adding 8-player lobbies, spectator mode, save replayabilty, Dynamic challenges,unlockables and online versus support. Marvel vs. Capcom Origins will hit this September for the Xbox Live Arcade for1200 MS Points and the PlayStation Network for $14.99. There is no set date for actual release but the trailer looks good. I will definitely want this but my question is WHY NO X-MEN VS STREET FIGHTER!!! Damn I miss that game.

Halo 4 Spec Ops set 6 months after the campaign.

In a video interview given to VG24/ from 343′s David Berger and Kevin Franklin further detailed Halo 4′s Spartan Ops DLC, including confirmation of timeline and links to the campaign.
Here is what was pulled from the interview.

“With [Spartan Ops] being such a story-driven mode, it’s something we really wanted to be able to really push the fiction forward with after the launch of the game,” said Berger.

“It takes place about six months after the events of the campaign, but as you’ve seen in the cut-scene [shown at the Microsoft E3 press conference - Ed] the Infinity features in also the campaign. So we have some ties in the story between the two.”

The heavy stream of Spartan Ops updates will come at no extra cost to the user.

“In Spartan Ops you’re getting five missions per week, with a CG cut-scene, for free,” said Franklin.

Berger added: “With months of content of that style so that we can really push the story and fiction forward after launch. And that’s all part of the game.”

 A total of 50 missions spanning 10 weeks make up season one. Another reason just to anticipate what 343 has in store for the Halo universe. Cannot wait for it.

Sony release a slimmer PS3

It appears that Sony has filed documents with the US Federal Communications Commission referencing a smaller-sized PlayStation 3. The documents were originally spotted by Japanese website Pocket News and reported in the West by Eurogamer. You can check out the FCC documentation on a web site which show the outline of the new machine, where the FCC label will go and indicates that the new machines will fall under the 4000 series number. I will post the link below. I wonder if this will lower the price for the even slimmer PS3s? One can only assume.

Here is the link to the FCC documentation on the slimmer PS3.
Slim PS3

Ok that is all for now I hope you guys have a great day.

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  1. What? A new PS3? Already? I guess I shouldn't say anything. How many 360's have been released? lol