Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Birthday Wishes for the mrs. and Ouya gets a Big Title Launch

Ok well lots of things to get to so I will keep my lil intro brief but none the less I want to wish my beautiful wife a very Happy Birthday. I hope to make your day as great as possible.

Ouya to get Final Fantasy as a launch title.  

With Final Fantasy 3 just being released on both Windows Phone and Android, and now Square Enix has announced that there will be a version for the Ouya (you know the kickstarter console that has made mucho bucks.) In a way the console has done a complete 360 from starting on consoles then to handheld, to phone, to phone and then back to console. 

Should be interesting since this will be the first time everyone who does not live in Japan gets to play the game on a television connected console. This also the first support from a major publisher for an unreleased console. This should mean many a publisher are probably going to follow suit with their portable versions of their games.

Transformers:Fall of Cybertron Demo Out Now  

So as of today you are now able to play High Moon Studios new Demo for Transformers:Fall of Cybertron, unless you were a Gamestop powerup rewards member who pre-ordered the game, then you have been playing it since Friday.

The single-player campaign let's you roll out as Bumblebee as well as the Decepticon Vortex. In the Multi-player it features Team Deathmatch and Conquest modes,also you can try out the game's character customizer.

Transformers:Fall of Cybertron will release on August 21st.

3DS XL sells close to 200K units in Japan  

In Japan the Nintendo 3DS XL has sold an estimated 193,441 units in the first two days being on the Japanese market,according to a report published by Famitsu. New Super Mario Bros. 2 which launched with the system sold about 430,185 copies.

Now this is not to say or include what may have been sold digitally but I am sure that some of them have sold in that fashion.

The Nintendo 3DS XL has a softer start in comparison to it's smaller "older" sibling.

The Walking Dead's 1st Two Episodes are Free to PlayStation Plus  members on Aug. 7th 

If you have not played TellTale Games' The Walking Dead episodes yet, and you're a PlayStation Plus member then you  have a grand opportunity.

As of August 7th you will be able to download the first two episodes of the Walking Dead free of charge. You will be able to get your feet wet right before the release of the next episode at the end of the month. I definitely recommend you get them if you have not. The game is really well done and a lot of fun.

Halo Limited Edition Pics Released from a Retail Chain   

So I guess I am getting on a Halo 4 anxiety kick. I just ran across an article that showed the Limited Edition version of the game that a retail outlet leaked out.

I am sure everyone is looking forward to the game but these new images show that the Steel book will be I am guessing contained in a larger envelope . From the pictures shown it also is to appear they have a diagram of the latest Spartan Armor.

Beyond that the Halo 4:Limited Edition looks good and I cannot wait to get my grubby little hands on it.

That is all I got for the moment. Hope you guys have a great one. I will catch you later.


  1. OK. Well...since you posted something, I'll wait until later tonight to post.
    BTW. Want on the Ouya...and the Final Fantasies on it just make it better. Also....Want on the 3DSXL. I may trade in my current 3DS and get the XL (rubs the cramps out of his hands. And third, want on the Halo 4 Limited edition. I like playing Halo more than Gears now-a-days. At least there's some balance on it. Was going to post about Wet, but I'll do that later.

    1. Dude if you want to post today go ahead I would not mind a multi-post day. I still want to get all the medals done on Gears but definitely will be making Halo my go to shooter again once Halo 4 is out.

  2. Oh...and Happy Birthday, wife of Ashe.