Thursday, June 14, 2012

Well yesterday was suppose to be a blog from Ed..

I have no idea to what is going on. I have messaged Eddy about where his blog for yesterday was and to this moment have not received an answer or even an acknowledgement. So maybe today I can post something extra and then hopefully he will send me his post for the yesterday. Well nothing to major on the news front.

There are rumors of Wii U specs and price points also what was discovered is achievements in game are not mandatory for the system. Nintendo is leaving that all up to the decison of the game publishers. I think this is a cheap move on their part and kind of goes backwards on keeping up with what others are doing. I do hope most of the publishers will just put them in there and have Nintendo follow suit. As for the pricing on the Wii U. It has been rumored that the machine will be roughly around $300 Dollars. I think that is a relative price in comparison to the other systems available but my question is will it sell in the last year or two of the Sony and Microsoft machines. At the end of a life cycle of systems their prices get slashed big time to make inventory room for the next gen. Will the Wii U be able to keep up with that? Guess we will have to wait and see.

I figure later today I will do my Can't wait for list from E3. Some of the titles may surprise you. Not everything that was in our face was what interested me. So look forward to that later today.

I am sorry for the no post yesterday I am sure there is a logical reason he did not respond.

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  1. You should be sorry. I'll get my write up for Witcher on here this weekend.