Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sony Press Conference Day 1

The Sony Press Conference aired last night and started with a New IP named Beyond:Two Souls. This comes from Quantic Dream the people who made Heavy Rain. The game looks amazing and the graphics that Quantic Dream used to capture Ellen Page's features is beautifully done. The concept deals with Death and though not everything was given away but it was very interesting.

The second game to be shown was Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. The game looked like a carbon copy Super Smash Brothers which is not to say it is a bad thing because the formula shows the the latter is a impressive fighter for fans. The game is suppose to be released this holiday season and they announced two characters that were not in the gameplay demo. First was Nathan Drake, no surprise there and then there was Bioshock's own Big Daddy. Which confuses me because Bioshock is not a Playstation first party game so looks like it will be a first party characters. None the less should be a fun experience. With the game came an announcement  of Cross-play with the Vita and that the game will release for both the PS3 and the Vita.
Also with that came some more Vita games announced. One was Black Ops:Declassified and Assassin's Creed: Liberation Both different games for the Vita in comparison to their sister titles on the PS3. Assassin's Creed: Liberations stars a new Assassin and a female character at that. She was shown to be dressed as a patriot.  A new bundle was announced for the Vita and Assassin's Creed III will have it's own PS3 bundle as well.  Yet another display of FarCry 3 but the difference was they showed 4 player co-op. The team had to take over a bridge and blow it up. The multi-player concept looked sharp.  Some Playstation Move games were announced. Here is a list of a few named.

                                        Playstation Move Upcoming Games 
1.Little Big Planet Karting- New cart racing

2.Bioshock Infinite- will have Move compatibility.

3.Epic Mickey 2- This will be playing just as the Wii title in my opinion. None the less worth having Move.
4. Wonderbook- This is more of a new peripheral that allows the Move to bring storybooks to life. They announced two titles with this  a) Diggs Nightcrawler and b) Book of Spells which is tied to Pottermore and J.K Rowling This looked good and would be fun for the baby bats here but hopefully there will be more titles before launch. We love Harry Potter in this house and look forward to when the kids are able to play this.

Sony then switched to their Playstation Suite and how this is their way to get Playstation to other Open Os such as Android and IOS. With that they renamed it to Playstation Mobile.

Then it was their Heavy Hitter God of War:Ascension Game play Demo. This finally showed some campaign play with a Elephant type warrior boss. The trailer is nice. To me it is another God of War prequel. which how many prequels does Kratos needs. Good but nothing new to me

Finally they finished their Conference with what I think will be game of the year besides Beyond. Of course the game is The Last of Us. I am not a Uncharted fan whore but I do love the franchise very much for how it is an experience to play. I look forward to how different this apocalyptic game looks and the overall feel of this. The game play demo looked great and was mentioned there were many different ways to go about your not set to one direct way. That is always a thing that matters replay value to find all the ways to get through a game.

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