Monday, June 4, 2012

Nintendo...How I Loathe You!

So I've been asked to do a guest post by Mr. Geeky Goth Gamer Dad or whatever his name is here. At first I was like "I'm not writing for" you! F that!" But I said what the hey and I'm doing it now. I didn't know what I should write about in my first post, but then we started talking about E3 and stuff and I went on a rampage of hate toward Nintendo. So...Here goes!

Nintendo. I don't like you, Nintendo. Ever since you put out the Wii I've always felt that you've been duping your customers. I feel that you took advantage of them and produced a system not to inspire developers into making quality games...but to try to get as much cash as humanly possible out of old characters who jumped the shark years ago.

Let me start with this...and I'm not bashing this on any facts (well...some might be true, but whatever). This is solely off of my experiences and thoughts. Oh and yeah, I'm doing this for fun. While I do think this way, it's best said that this is just for amusement. OK. Now onto the good stuff.

The GameCube! Awesome system. Many great games that I loved. One of which was Soul Calibur II. My friend and I logged a butt load of hours on that game. So Nintendo had this good thing going with the GameCube...then...and I blame Reggie for all of it in its head that it needed to make more money off of us loyal customers. They took a gimmick of an idea and slapped it on a GameCube and know what? Let's make a new system solely on this! What did they get? A GameCube with waggle named (of all things) the Wii. Whoopie! Wanna know how I know it's a GameCube? Well...for takes the same damn discs as the GameCube. Oh, and the controller ports. GameCube. In fact...Memory cards, too. had a redesigned GameCube with stupid motion control and they charged people $200 for it!

Great job Nintendo. You pulled one over on all us consumers! People were lining up in droves to get this GameCube with Waggle (we'll call it GCWW from now on). And they were lining up for a long time to get this piece of junk. They created this false supply shortage that, to me, is totally unbelievable. You want to say that you cannot produce enough of these GCWW systems? Really? It's the same hardware that is already on the shelves everywhere? It's a GameCube? You managed to stay on top of that the entire time and not miss a beat. But, oh no, as soon as you hear that the first run sold out like Tickle Me Elmo dolls you decide to withhold the supply. Thus, jacking up the price to the people that want to get it. Point here is that I think that this whole thing was deliberate. Way to go Nintendo. I'm sure someone in their marketing department got a promotion over this, but you left a really bad taste in my mouth over this.

And now onto the games. What games? What games other than a Nintendo game does this thing have that's even worth the box it comes in? I'm talking about games like Biggest Loser or some other shovelware that gets put out on the thing. What do you use the Wii for? Zelda, Mario, insert whatever tired old game character you have in here that everyone has fond memories of. The only games that are worth anything on that system are the first party games. And I'll be honest with you...I've had enough Mario, Zelda, Samus, whatever. Let them remain the characters that I loved and stop trying to get more money out of them with Mario Party 18: RandomNation or The Legend of Zelda: Look You Lost Your Powers Again. Let em go...please. Do something new! NEW NEW NEW!!!!!

Well...I shouldn't really say that. I wouldn't even buy it even if it was new. I have lost interest in Nintendo and they have become completely irrelevant to me. The Wii game isle at the game store is nothing but wasted space to me. No game (no matter what brand you put on it) is going to be good on that system or make me want to buy it or a system. The Wii is the Virtual Boy, but people can't see it. I'm not sure why that is.

I'm not a writer...and this is my first angry blog post as a guest writer.

PS...and I'm beating you all to this!!!


  1. I find it funny that my rantings were more for comedic value than anything. I guess that's a fail if the editor has to put a reminder on there...I suspect my contributor access will be revoked soon.

    1. No I was adding it for comedic value nothing more. Guess it did not come across that way..Sheesh are you ever