Sunday, June 3, 2012

Saturday first Grill,Drum Circles and some more gaming news.

I am a happy griller!
Yesterday was a nice little family day here. We all went over to the closest Home Depot to finally use a gift card that was given to us almost two Christmases ago. Our main reason for going was to see about finally getting a Gas Burning Grill. I love to grill food and though I do not "cook" in the traditional sense. Though that does sound odd for a stay at home dad. I still manage to get some things done. I would much rather Grill as much as possible then sitting in front of a stove.
Food on the Grill
We found a nice grill and also was able to pick up a Fire bowl as well. For those not in the know a Fire bowl is exactly what it sounds like a place so you can build a nice little fire and not have to worry about digging a hole. These are always a little nice when you just want a quiet little fire and just sit and relax. I did get to use the grill on it's maiden burn and made the family some hamburgers and a couple of steaks for the lil mrs. and I. Such sweet success for me and loved how things came out. Afterwards we went to a Drum Circle at a local petting zoo. The kids love running around seeing the different animals and we got to spend some time with friends.

That was my Saturday. On the gaming front though more news came out since my last post. One of the big news was the reveal of the new Lucasarts Star Wars game titled Star Wars 1313. The premise of the game is very different and is suppose to be a mature game. You are a bounty hunter to be named later for they did not reveal that. You are doing jobs on the lower levels of Coruscant. When this takes place looks to be about the time of the prequels but not too sure. Hoping to know more about the game during the E3 show.

Another game on the horizon is a new Lord of the Rings: Guardians of Middle Earth. This title has a little twist. It will be a XBLA/PSN downloadable title and will be a 5-5 fighting game. Now you will be able to see what will happen if you put Legolas vs Sauron.

On another note there is also a new Lego: The Lord of the Rings game due out this fall. Seems they are releasing Lego LOTR building sets during the summer as well. How do you do Lego sets about a film that is mostly the main cast walking??(a Clerks 2 reference) Looks like there will be many ways for you to experience Middle Earth soon enough.

Dishonored was also another game that had it's reveal trailer shown a little early from E3 and I must say when I see this I think back to when Bioshock was first revealed. It has such a sense of mystery and beauty to the trailer that I am sure if the game holds out to how it looks it will be a great game coming out and should not be overlooked. I should not expect any less from a Bethesda/Arkane Studios but no one can wonder what gamers will latch on to.

A little update on the next Gears of War game. The title for the game will be titled Gears of War:Judgment. The game will focus on both Damon Baird and Augustus Cole as they are the characters in shackles. With both characters taking center stage there also comes a new game type to the Gears franchise "Overrun" which according to what i have found it will be similar to Team Fortress or DOTA. I myself have never played DOTA but as for Team Fortress that is alot of fun. Though that means you will have specific classes. 
As for the campaign it will be based 15 years before the first Gears and will have Baird and Killo Squad standing trail for transgression against the Coalition of Governments. The Antogonist is a Colonel Loomis who is over seeing the testimonies as well as accusing Killo squad of desertion,cowardice,trespassing,theft of experimental military tech and treason. Seems like the boys got themselves into a bit of trouble.  I am sure more will be revealed come Monday at the Microsoft press conference.

The last bit of news I have for the moment is on the next Tomb Raider. Tomb Raider: Crossroads will be released on March 5th 2013. Looks like the first quarter of games is shaping up to be a very heavy list of games. Look out wallets 2013 is starting with a bang. I have seen that alot of people are not happy with things like Lara's constant moans and groans from the voice actress. I look at it this way if this is Lara pre-badass then she should be terrified with everything going on around her and would makes sense for her to be vocal. The game trailer is alot of the same footage that was used at last year's E3 but with story line plots thrown in and the reveal of there actually being Tombs to go through. I am going to hold my judgment on this one till I see more.

So what is everyone's opinion does E3 seem to be shaping up to be a big deal this year? A lot of reveals already and more to come. Also on the contest front I will be doing it come Monday's post and will last for most of E3 if you want to win some arcade titles be sure to follow and comment.

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