Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Update for the 360 and no I did not get a Dawnguard beta.

As the title says today I was privileged to receive the Xbox Update while others will receive it next week. I am sure a good portion got it this week. Nothing of major interest as far as overall looks goes. Seems as this update according to Maj. Nelson is to prep for upcoming add-ons and features. So that should mean when ever they release the new partners apps and channels.
On another note I did apply for the Skyrim closed beta for Dawnguard but yeah for once I fell into the 99% which sucks because they should have had more then just one percent of the population who apply get codes. Not as if I would not get the DLC which comes out at the end of the month but still would have been nice to see it before hand. Anyway that is all from me. Obviously this blog does not attract enough people if I cannot even do a proper giveaway. So from now on I will be talking to myself on here. Sucks but hey if no one participates then how can I be sure you guys are out there. I will just use this as a writing tool to help myself improve.


  1. Pimp the blog out. Pimpin pimpin pimpin.
    I read it...Of course, I'm only one person. I'm getting more content ready for writing.