Friday, June 15, 2012

My Top Games I look forward to from E3

I have finally gotten around to making my list for what I think will be the top games for me. As with all lists I figure it will also be fair to put the games I believe will not make a major impact. Remember there is no specifics in who is 1 and number whatever it is just how I write it out. No preference.

My Top Games from E3

1. Watchdogs: This game has such a stigma of being something completely new and fresh. Sure it has a first person shooter formula but in re-watching the demo trailer. Who could not get behind a game that is trying to buck the system in what is a traditional format. Also if that little teaser at the end was to show what will be possible in Co-op or multi-player, then sign me up. This was the game that blew things away for me from watching the E3 coverage. Using the technology against those you are going after is amazing.

2.Splinter Cell:Blacklist: This game should do well it is a brand new Splinter Cell and puts Sam Fisher in 4th Echelon a new group that he is the lead on. What can I say about Sam Fisher this is my way to play the super spy that I use to watch on Mission Impossible or even any super spy film. Fisher was the guy who can take out anyone without being known and that is what excites me about the new game. He is back to kicking ass. I do hope Michael Ironside is portraying Sam vocally again because that is what makes the character heart.

3. Halo 4: Master Chief is back and in a big way. When it was announced that Bungie would be leaving their created franchise everyone and myself included were worried. As 343 Studios was announced and we learned more about the people behind the company, you were given the impression that they knew what they were doing. Then came E3 and showing their trailer knocked me on my butt. They have surpassed anything I expected and I am sure Halo fans will be lining up in droves for this one.

4. The Last of Us: Simply amazing. As I have mentioned in the Sony Conference post. The Uncharted  games were not just games they were experiences. I have yet to play the 3rd game in a franchise but I know when I do, I will be immersed and completely absorbed in it as I was the first two. With the new franchise it is a refreshing take on the apocalyptic story and it has a more humanizing feel to it. I am sure everyone will be ready to experience it when it releases.

5.Dishonored: As you can see most of the games here have a unique playstyle or just a brand new change to an old concept. I mentioned how refreshing this game looks to me like Bioshock did when it was released. A mysterious story driven first person shooter with powers. Plus with the idea of playing the game all guns blazing or stealthy adds so much to replayability. I do hope that many people will not over look this.

Games from E3 that I believe will not make the cut.

1.Metal Gear Rising: As much as I believe this will be a cool game and will definitely try to do something different with the series. Die hard fans may not welcome it as they did not welcome Raiden as a key character to the genre in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. Whether Raiden can carry a story is yet to be determined. I hope fans give it a shot  but with how finicky gamers can be I do not see this being a blockbuster hit.

2. Tomb Raider:Crossroads As much as people try with this franchise fans will always want more from it. At first it was a complaint about the reinventing of her as a young woman was criticized and now the fact that she does not seem to be the "strong" Lara Croft that everyone is familiar with. Here is the deal you forget it is an origin story as well as a reboot of the series and in saying that, There just too many reasons people are giving for this not to do well. I hope it does but it has the cards stacked against it.

3. Forza Horizon: With Need for Speed going back to it's traditional Cops chasing racers. I just don't see this holding up. I think Forza is a great racer  but who knows as for the racing games they don't usually do that big. I do believe though Need for Speed may have the advantage. How I wish they would bring back a True to form Burnout game. Isn't that what everyone wants??

4. Fable:The Journey: Everyone loves the Fable franchise. At the same time Fable does not have the same following that big name RPG's have. By far the game pales in comparison to a Fallout or Elder Scrolls. What makes the game stand out is that it is fun.  You put Kinect intergration and the loss of Peter Molyneux and you have a chance of this being shovel ware for the Kinect.

5. Medal of Honor:Warfighter: This one is a toss up. Why? you ask. Well easy. I believe the Medal of Honor series is a better war game shooter but all the "Call of Duty Fanboys" will never admit to that. Where you have seen the same thing year in and year out in that franchise there has been differences in each iteration of Medal of Honor.  Unfortunately it will never get the numbers that Activision has a lock on with just making things shiny and new every year.

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  1. MoH Warfighter. Halo 4. MGS Rising. Dishonored.
    Those are the ones that I want.