Friday, June 1, 2012

Konami's Pre-E3 Show

Konami has released it's second annual Pre-E3 show through Gametrailers this year. As a company giving an insight to what is it they plan for E3 I have to say it is a very personal way to connect to their fans. I look forward to many of these pre-shows happening and hopefully other companies would follow suit. Konami puts alot of effort into their show and it works for them. The first part of the show they dealt with their partnership with Zynga games and what they have planned for their social and IOS games market. In this they showed alot of Frogger titles. I am not big on all social games but I would certainly try some Frogger Pinball.. After that they started to talk about their biggest sports game Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 (PES 2013). They showed some vast improvements to their character animations and ball control. They have amped up the AI and also the goalies to react better to certain plays. I personally have not played a soccer game since FIFA on the Super Nintendo system. Though I always had fun with the game nothing really caught me back in there except what I saw during the PES Konami piece. I may just have to check it out.

Of course after that we started to get into the Meat of what Konami is looking to show at E3. They showed The Zone of Enders HD collection. Personally one of my all time favorite series on the Playstation 2. The graphics improvements for the game are stunning and the new animation intro done by Sunrise Animation Studios. The company is well known for Mech Anime projects such as  Armored Troops Votoms, Code Geass, and of course Mobile Suit Gundam 00 and AGE. I am sure the opening intro from what they gave a peek of will look amazing.

After Z.O.E They started to talk about the evolution of Solid Snake and Metal Gear. Although it was being specific to Snake and how he went from a two-dimensional character to the gruff war hero that he became. Hideo Kojima made sure to say that with the evolution of consoles and graphics he was going to make sure that he would get to a point where Video Games would be taken as an art form and does not regret putting his all into his 26 years in the business. They also referred to Metal Gear HD Collection coming to the PS VITA and a Nintendo 3DS version of MGS 3:Snake Eater. Which from there lead to the team talking about Raiden and Metal Gear Rising. The game looks amazing and they specifically made it for the action game fan but are assured that die-hard Metal Gear fans will enjoy it as well. With that came a Mega 64 skit with Raiden at an unemployment office looking for work and doing odd jobs till it leads into the trailer for the game. Funny but not that big a deal.

At the end President of Konami Tomoyuki Tsuboi announced they had one more surprise for us. What was it but a trailer and a release date for Castlevania: Lord of Shadows 2. The trailer was really well done. I loved the powers displayed but as usual this was a trailer that was cut scenes and no major in game play. Also the release date for the game is scheduled for March 5,2013. That gives me plenty of time to finish the first game. If you guys want to watch the Konami pre-show it is up on I also have the trailers for Castlevania and Metal Gear Rising on this post.

Hope you enjoy the post and I plan on putting a lot more postings as we get closer to E3.



  2. Oh...And Alucard in the trailer.
    Dun dun duuuuuuuuuunnnnn!!!!