Sunday, June 24, 2012

Eating my foot....

Hey guys! Old MagmaFlow here.
June is a big month for me. Three events that happen in this month. First one is my anniversary. 11 years this month. That's a long time to be married. Uh huh. Second is Father's Day. I've already posted about Father's Day. The third is my birthday. 34 years old this month.

So I get a combined gift this month. A brand new red Nintendo 3DS with Super Mario 3D Land. It wasn't really a gift...Truth be told, I bought the thing and the game and just didn't get any dirty looks from my wife. HA! Back to the topic. I know I had a rant on Nintendo, but that was specifically the Wii. I said nothing about the handhelds that Nintendo puts out.

So far, I'm lovin' this little thing. The 3D works (surprisingly), but it's kinda wonky if you move your head and hands (which anyone does...c''s a handheld). The game SM3DL (we'll call it) is pretty freakin' good. It's all that Mario that you've played before, but it's hard to describe. It's just...well, y' I've already cleared the main stages and almost done with the special stages. It's challenging, but not frustrating. And...I'm using it as an incentive to get my son to do his business in the potty.

So here are the games that I want to play for this thing.

Final Fantasy III
This one I want to play because I never played any of the ones that weren't released in the US. It's also because I liked the older Final Fantasies and want to relive my youth through my 3DS.

Next on the list...Final Fantasy IV
Why would you NOT want to play through this one again!?! It's the classic tale of redemption! Fantastic story and the game is completely redone. All sorts of goodness here.

Next on the list is Chrono Trigger.
I see a theme here. Old Squaresoft RPG's remade into new ones. are correct. This is not a bad thing though. I'm glad that these games are re-released so that one day, maybe my kids can experience the great stories and adventure that I did when I was young.
Yeah...this one solely for nostalgic reasons.

Last one on the "already out, but I haven't played yet" list is Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. I'm a HUGE Castlevania fan. Symphony of the Night was one of my favorite games of all time. So when the Castlevania series went to mobile platforms...I kind of lost interest. I couldn't keep up with all of them. I started on the GB and then the GBA. But when the series went past that, I just couldn't keep up. So now I get to go back through all of the ones on the DS starting with this one. Mmm...Can't wait.

And finally...the reason why I wanted to get the 3DS...Castlevania -Lords of Shadow- Mirror of Fate. Long name, I know, but I'm gonna be all over this when it comes out. I completely love the Lords of Shadow series in the Castlevania universe. I think it's probably my favorite. I didn't think that story arc was gonna be any good, but the origins of Dracula is a fantastic story to go into. So this one is going to add more to it while leading up to Lords of Shadow 2.

OK. So I'm done with the list now. There are some other games that I'll play on the 3DS, but those are the heavy hitters for now. I'm kinda bummed that they announced the 3DS XL after I already bought one, but I may have to sneak around and try to trade up to the bigger one. It seems that this one makes my hands cramp.

Thanks for reading and if you have any DS or 3DS suggestions, lay em on me and I'll see if I can play them.

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