Tuesday, June 5, 2012

E3 Day 1 Ea and Ubisoft conferences

I am combining both EA and Ubisoft conferences to one post. I hope you guys will enjoy what I am doing. Let's get started first was EA. 

EA started their conference with a Dead Space 3 game play demo. The game play was focused on Co-op play and was on the Ice Planet that is filled with Necromorphs The new character we learned is John Carver. The Demo showed them dealing with Necromorphs in what looks like a drilling  factory. Which then led to them being outside with a huge Necromorphic boss fight.

 There was also Sims Social for Facebook and the new SimCity  which will be out in February of 2013. Of course then came the announcement of Battlefield Premium, which announce a  49.99 price tag and will involve all map packs, weapons,Dog tags and vehicles. That is available now on PS3 and next week on Xbox 360. EA also announced a exclusive multiyear deal with the UFC but no games announced.  We also got a glimpse at the new Need for Speed:Most Wanted which is set for an October 30,2012 and that was followed by Crysis 3 due to hit shelves in Feb. 2013.

Now on to the Ubisoft Press Conference which started things off with Just Dance 4 with very little game play but musician Flo Rida performing. I honestly thought we were heading for trouble.

But shortly after the performance they headed into showing a game play demo of FarCry 3. FarCry introduced some awesome weapons shots with the Bow and Arrows and how clean it runs on their Dunia engine.
Nothing impressed me more then the game that came next or so I thought. When I saw Splinter Cell:Black List I was very happy. Sam Fisher I thought I was going to see the gameplay that we saw during the Microsoft conference but was happy to see the Weclome to 4th Echelon trailer. I am looking forward to this. I am a big fan of the Tom Clancy games. Ubisoft  has always done well with them and I have always enjoyed them. Then we get Avengers:Battle for Earth this looked something along the lines of Ultimate Alliance just from the trailer. Ubisoft then showed off their lineups of  Wii U titles.

Ubisoft Wii U titles
Rabbid's Land     Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2    
Sports Connection   Assassin's Creed III
 Just Dance 4
Some decent titles for it and then they showed some 3 on 3 game match for a game named "Shoot Me" It was a lot of time that was eating advertising this and whatever Twitch TV.

Then we saw some more Assassin's Creed III with a game play demo showing Connor in the winter going after a General and showing some counter-kills.
 Last but not least Ubisoft surprised us with a new I.P. Watchdogs. One word came out simply amazing!! Game play video was one of the most entertaining and engrossing games I have seen so far. I am going to let the trailer speak for itself.

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