Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Atari turns 40,Halo news,Walking Dead Episode 2 released and so much more.

Today is a big day...why you may ask? Well it's big on two points one it is the 40th Anniversary of Atari and the second it means I am an old there is so much more to write about today.

As I stated today makes Atari forty. I still vividly remember the commercials for all the Atari games and systems as well as going next door to my friend's house and playing games till I got one of my own shortly after. What I loved is you didn't have people saying video games were ruining kids and they were becoming anti-social. Never did it stop me from going outside and do other things. We played for however long we wished then went on to do other things. I love my Atari 2600. It has been with me for most of my life. It surpassed the Commodore Vic 20 that I had. I do not even recall whatever happened to it. Anyway my working 2600 has never left my side. It is the only reason I still own 1 tube tv. It all started with the little pixel triangle shooting little blocks at what was suppose to be space rocks. I still remember the summer I stood inside with DEFENDER till I flipped the score over. Man did I ever feel accomplished. I loved that game so much. All I can say is Thank You Atari for giving me so much joy for most of my existence and for making me love gaming.

So on Halo 4 news seems that if you are on Microsoft Expert Zone as a retailer. There is a quiz for Halo 4 that releases some juicy tidbits of information. Highlights include confirmation there will be 10 new weapons, 2 new vehicles and Spartan Ops will be 50 missions spread over 10 weeks. This just makes me want this game to play now!! I have not touched Reach in a bit and will be doing so just to get my feet wet before Halo 4 comes out. I just need a good rag-tag group to go with. I use to have a good foursome during Halo 2 but they have either joined the Navy or have to many kiddos to deal with. We are still friends just not gaming together. Anyway I grabbed the pics from Expert Zone so you guys get to feast your eyes.  I hope you guys get a kick out of them. I think even though there are not enough major variety of weapons which to me is a good thing not over analyzing what i want to shoot with.

Also today Walking Dead Episode 2 has released on to the Marketplace. So I will be playing that to see what happens next to my character after the decisions I made last episode. This should be really interesting. After that I will be back on Skyrim trying to advance my character since I found the Dawnguard mission before I was even aware of it. Sort of fell into a battle with some Stormcloak Guards and a group of Vampires. I am having so much fun with it now that I have another copy. We had to get a second one because my wife would steal the first to play on the other Xbox. Now we can both be on and still be in a party chat telling the other what is going on in our own little worlds.

Rumor is there is some Half-Life 2 Ep. 3 Pics going about the internet. A website named has released 32 images stating that the pictures are legitimate and would never have released them if they weren't. A lot of the pictures are from 2008 so you never know if this is legit or could have been for another project. The site is down at the moment but you can find them on facebook and they have the rest of the pics on there.

From here on I will add the rest of the Halo 4 pictures from Expert Zone. Till next time Keep it in the dark with controller in hand.

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  1. I wanna get Ep 2 of Walking Dead. And I know Half Life 2 was a great game and all, but...I think there's been too much time between games to have it make a difference now. Half Life was this great game that showcased tech and whatever, but then they just left it alone. I say that they should still....just leave it alone.