Monday, May 21, 2012

Trailer for Lost Planet 3

I figure I would post the debut trailer for Lost Planet 3. I loved the first game and never got a chance to play the 2nd one. I can say I loved the Mech in this trailer looks bad ass and better be playable. I won't go into review on the trailer due to it not being "in game" but a cut scene. None the less it is cool. Hope you enjoy it.

On a side note I have just come back from Gamestop to "pay off"  Ghost Recon:Future Soldier. I was not originally going to purchase this on day one but the wife was nice enough to get me it as a gift for no reason. Must say she did not need to but I do love her for it. I will be at the midnight release for it tonight and the sales associate Julie promises that their will be cake. She makes cakes for most of the Midnight Release parties and they are usually really good. I took a picture of the last midnight release cake i got a piece of it was the Gears 3 release.  She tries her best. I am always looking forward to new releases. Hope you guys enjoy the video  and the cake.

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