Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Gears of War Definitely coming..Game Informer spills.

July Cover Revealed: The Next Gears Of War

So not even a few minutes since my last post Game Informer Magazine has decided to spill some "hints" on what should be an E3 announcement concerning the next Gears of War title. This has put my interest into super high mode and when I find out. I will be sure to let you know here. For now I will post what Game Informer stated on their website and also post the sneak peek looks at the cover.

" Usually, we like to reveal the name and final cover art for our upcoming issue's cover story the Thursday before it hits subscribers. This time we're saving the full unveiling of the game's title until Monday during Microsoft's E3 press conference, but we can confirm that our next cover is the new installment in the Gears of War series and is coming to Xbox 360."
Now we know that the next Gears will definitely be in the Xbox 360's last bit of life cycle and not a Next Gen launch title. This is a little odd for me considering you have both Halo and Gears releasing at the end of the console's possible life cycle and nothing to look forward as for EXCLUSIVES for the next gen console. I will be looking forward to the Microsoft Press Conference now.

Game Informer's July Cover

Any Guesses to when and where this will take place and who is the one in Shackles? Are we looking at a New Gears Protagonist?? Or a young Marcus Fenix? Let me know.


  1. I'd like to see a new protagonist. But it looks like it'll be the story of Marcus and his dad. Why he was sent to The Slab and his time in there. I haven't read the book yet, I'll get around to it eventually. Maybe I'll pick it up today.

    1. Yeah I do not have the Slab book either. I have been looking for the downloadable as well as a Hardcover to be both a good price so i can get both.

  2. I just bought The Slab and The Last Wish yesterday at B&N. Will get to The Slab. Want to read The Last Wish first.