Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Marvel MMO announcement trailer and other news.

Marvel Comics and Gazillion Entertainment have released a trailer for the new Free to Play MMO called Marvel Heroes. Here are some details taken straight from the Marvel Heroes Website.

Taking the MMO category to a completely new level of excitement and engagement, Marvel Heroes combines the energy of action role-playing games with the breadth and immersion of the MMO genre.

Drawing upon the 8,000-plus heroes and villains in the Marvel Universe, Marvel Heroes allows players to become their favorite Marvel Super Heroes – from the popular Iron Man, Thor, Storm and Black Widow to the lesser known Squirrel Girl and Cable. Fans will be able to completely customize their characters by constructing costumes taken from each hero’s rich history, choosing from a huge array of super powers for each character, and finding thousands of other items. There are countless ways for players to tailor their experience.

In the game’s social areas, including Midtown Manhattan and the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, players can meet up with other players, discover missions, and buy items from legendary Marvel characters. While pursuing missions, players will explore such famous Marvel landscapes as the Savage Land, Hell’s Kitchen and Mutant Town.

Written by Brian Michael Bendis, author of Ultimate Spider-Man, New Avengers, Secret Invasion and countless other successes, Marvel Heroes is inspired by some of the most popular tales and events in Marvel Comics history.

David Brevik, President of Gazillion Entertainment and creator of the massive hit games Diablo and Diablo II says: “I’ve been a big Marvel fan for all of my life. Marvel Heroes represents the combination of Marvel IP with all of the knowledge and experience I gained creating Diablo. It is a dream come true. I’m excited to unveil Marvel Heroes and share this revolutionary MMO with both gamers and Marvel fans.”

Marvel Heroes marks a new era in gaming for us,” stated TQ Jefferson, Vice President of Games at Marvel. “For fans to actually become their favorite heroes in an original storyline, explore iconic Marvel landscapes and combat some of the most dangerous villains in a shared experience is unbelievably compelling.”

I cannot wait to see more info and gameplay. I for one am definitely going to invest some time in this when it releases and hopefully it will get a console release down the line. But for now here is the trailer for it.

  On Bungie news. Yeah those guys who created the HALO Franchise. Well they have releases some news concerning their new cross platform IP's.  In the L.A. Times a 27 page contract was showed that Bungie signed for Activision.  The details of the contract lists 4 "Sci-Fi action shooters". The series gives the codename "Destiny" with chapters following every other year starting the Fall of 2013. The years that a chapter is not release the games are set to have 4 DLC Expansion Packs. The DLC has been code named "Comet".  In the contract it is also suggested that at least the first two games will be Xbox exclusives, with the hopes of also getting the Next Gen Sony system to have both depending on quality and assurance that the games will play the same as their Microsoft counterparts. The contract shows a PS3 release of the game in 2014 and that depends if as I stated they get the game to play exactly like the Xbox 360.

 “…Destiny Game #1, along with any related DLC Releases as well as Comet #1,
shall be initially developed by Licensor to operate on and be compatible with the Microsoft Xbox 360 video game console (“Xbox 360″)
and the next successor console platform releases by Microsoft configured for both the NTSC and PAL television/video system standards
(“Xbox 720″).”

Here is a bit on the second game.

“…Destiny Game #2, along with any related DLC Releases as well as Comet #2,
shall be initially developed by Licensor to operate on and be compatible with the Xbox 360, Xbox 720,
and the Sony PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system (i.e., the next successor platform released by Sony after PlayStation 3)
… and personal computer with Windows-based operating systems…”

I am interested to see what is Bungie's big game. They have been hinting at this for so long since they gave the Halo franchise away. I am sure they will be putting everything they can on it and will be a great game franchise. Especially if they pull the cross platform play they want.

That is all for the moment. I am off to play some more Ghost Recon:Future Soldier so I can write a review on it. Let me know what you guys think of either the Marvel MMO or Bungie's game details.

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  1. I'm going to call Bungie's next FPS game 'Not Halo'. But...I'll probably play 'Not Halo'...so it doesn't matter.