Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Eddie Thorson Post with 2 Movie Reviews!

Comic book news

What's been going on in the comic book world this past week.

  • Heritage Auctions has reported that a high-grade copy of Batman #1, sold for a record price of $850,000 in a private transaction. The copy, which was certified Near Mint minus (CGC-Grade 9.2) with off-white pages.
  • Recently announced at the Smodcast network, Comic book Men will return for a second season. This season there will be 16 episodes, 30 minutes long.
  •  The Avengers broke the $1 billion dollar mark. Disney/marvel have already announced The Avengers 2, Iron Man 3, Captain America 2, and Thor 2.
  • The CW network announced that the Arrow, an adaptation of the DC Comics superhero Green Arrow. The CW network is hoping that Arrow can come close to the success of Smallville.
  • ABC still has plans for a New Hulk TV series but that has been push back to the 2013 season.
  • Valiant and DC comics have released their August solicitations for 2012.

Movie Reviews

This week I have not one but two movies for review. First up:

1. Dark Shadows opened up this past Friday. The new Tim Burton/Johnny Depp film marks their eight film collaboration. As a fan of the original series that aired from 1966-1971, I was looking forward to this movie. Until the previews that were being released portraying this movie as a comedy. I thought what the hell it's a Burton/Depp movie why not gives a try? Once again this modern day movie tag team have disappointed me yet again. The first time with Charlie and chocolate factory and now Dark Shadows. Burton/Depp took everything that made the original series enjoyable to watch and chuck it out the window. They started from scratch, with no excuses with Johnny Depp owning the rights to the television series and it was Depp's movie studio (yes Depp owns the studio that made this movie) that produced this version of Dark Shadows.

Burton/Depp Collaboration
Edward Scissorhands
Worldwide total of $86.02 million with a budget of $20 million. Nominated for 11 awards and won 8 of the nomination
Ed wood
Ed Wood was limited release, but Despite the film's low box office gross (worldwide $6 million with a budget of $18 million) went on to receive critical acclaim and was nominated for several awards.
Sleepy Hollow
Worldwide total of $206 million with a budget of $80 million. Nominated for 18 awards and won 5 of the nomination
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory
Worldwide total of $475 million with a budget of $150 million. Nominated for 10 awards and won none of the nomination
Corpse Bride
Worldwide total of $170 million with a budget pf $40 million. No awards nomination.
Sweeny Todd
Worldwide total of $153 million with a budget of $50 million. Nominated for 14 awards and won 8 of the nomination
Alice in Wonderland
Worldwide total of $1billion with a budget of $200 million. Nominated for 42 awards and won 11 of the nomination
Dark Shadows
Worldwide total of $67 million (as of 5/13/12) with a budget of $150 million.

Base of the history of their collaborations, this movie does not appear to be doing well financially. The critics have been for the majority negative on the film. Burton should have never opted for a gonzo comedy that did not cater to the fans, but should have gone the way of the original soap opera. Dark Shadows is now living in the shadow of the Avengers.

(Editor's note : Ed makes no references to the revival tv shows and the three prior films pertaining to Dark Shadows due to Burton and Depp focusing on the original show.) 

2. Battleship opens up this Friday 5/18/12 in the United States. A movie base off the popular board game has already opened worldwide making a total of $215 million with a budget of $200 million. Thanks to some inside sources, I was able to watch this film before the official release here in the US. This new Sci-Fi movie of aliens trying to conquer our planet staring Liam Neeson (the Grey), Alexander Skarsgård (True Blood) and music star Rihanna (her theatrical debut).

Battleship follows the same style as every other alien invasion movie out there. Aliens invade the earth and destroy parts of it. Mankind fights back and wins, only to have the aliens survive and return for a sequel.

When I was watching this I did notice the use of elements from the game integrated into the film:
  • The alien ships' missiles are shaped like the pegs
  • The buoys form a grid similar to the game's layout.
  • The sailors use of the hit or miss method.

The movie did have great special effects , but I was bored watching this rehashed movie. The only thing that saves this movie from complete financial failure is Liam Neeson, Alexander Skarsgård and Rihanna . Personally I believe that The Avengers will sink this Battleship.
(Editor's note: Ed's cheesy Avengers sinking battleship was not my doing. Left to his own downfall.)

Sports entertainment

While playing catch up on WWE programming. I found some interesting notes.

In WWE DVD news: Release Date Schedule (Subject to change)

May 22 - Best of WCW Clash of the Champions
June 5 - The Biggest Matches in ECW History
June 19 - Over the Limit (PPV)
June 26 - Falls Count Anywhere Matches
July 3 - No Holds Barred re-release
July 10 - Superstar Collection: John Cena
July 10 - Superstar Collection: Zack Ryder
July 17 - No Way Out (PPV)
July 24 - The Streak (Undertaker's Undefeated WrestleMania Run)

WWE No Way Out is schedule for June 17th,2012 in New Jersey. I have seen the poster for this event and I must say it's the best looking poster the WWE has created in a long time. So good in fact that I decided I want to purchase it for my collection.

This season of television is slowly coming to a close. Many broadcast stations have announced their summer programs and the new fall line up. I already mentioned “Comic Book Men” on AMC and “Arrow” on the CW. There other shows to watch that are not comic related. So here some shows that I currently watch or find interesting. The stations and show goes as the follows.

USA –Burn Notice returns for it sixth (possibly finally) season on June 14th.

Syfy – Hollywood treasure returns for a 2nd season on May 22nd. This is one of those few 30 minutes shows I watch. Face off (special effect contest show) returns on August 21st. Warehouse 13 return for its 4th season on July 23rd.

FOX – House MD is ending the series with it's finale on May 21st.  Alcatraz was canceled. Fox network has nothing that interestes me outside The Simpsons.

NBC Grimm been renewed for a 2nd season. NBC has announced the new following series: J.J. Abrams Revolution. The idea for this series is that it's set in a world without the modern technology. Also announced were  Crossbones a series based on pirates of the early 1700’s and Do no Harm think Jekyll and Hyde as a modern day doctor. Finally a Hannibal  series based on the film but it’s really a prequel.

ABC Once Upon a Time will return for a second season. And 666 Park Avenue think Amitville horror but set in a Manhattan apartment building.

HBO – True Blood Returns (possibly for the final season)

Starz – Spartacus will return in 2013 for its third season

Written by Eddie Thorson, Edited by your's truly Ashe Darkthorne

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