Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ed Thorson's post.

Another post entry by Ed Thorson. Let me know what you would like to see on here. I am looking to post a vid as more of an intro to myself to coincide with my first post as a bookend. Anyway I hope you guys enjoy Ed's Info for the week.

Comic book news

What been going on in the comic book world this past week.

  • Diamond previews have released their August solicitations for 2012. The previews can be review on their site.
  • Artist Ernie Chan passes away at the age of 71. Chan work on Batman for 2 years during the mid 1970’s. By 1976 his most notable (and he was mostly associated with) work was in the pages of Conan the Barbarian comics.

  • IDW announce that The Crow returns to comic this July. Writer John Shirley teamed with artist Kevin Colden to bring back this character.
  • DC Comics Justice League international might be cancel after August
  • Devil’s Due Publishing will return to printing comics.

New Movie Reviews

No new movie review this week. Since I all ready did two movie reviews last week. So lets go over some Hollywood rumor news that been going on this past week.
  • Ryan Reynolds is currently the frontrunner for the Highlander reboot.
  • Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is a go. The release date has been set for October 2013 (Subject to change) and confirmation of Jessica Alba and Mickey Rourke.
  • Iron man 3 villain has been announce and confirmed, Coldblood-7 (Editor's note:The film started filming today.)
  • WWE's The Rock has announced on his twitter page that he will play DC comics Lobo character.

Sports entertainment

As the world of wrestling goes on there are some interesting things that are going on.

  • WWE Raw 3 hours begins 7/23/12. Personally this is a bad idea. How much wrestling can a company do in a week? Raw 9-11pm on Monday. 1 hour of NXT on Wednesday, 1 hour of on Thursday, and let not forget Friday Smack down and Raw AM on Saturday morning. Let be really enough is enough. WWE is just overexposing a program that more about the drama then the actually wrestling. Knowing how Vince operated this will change and /or be drop in time. This is the only show that has more changes all the way to the start of production and even during production still make changes.
  • WWE released the cover for its upcoming 2nd edition of their encyclopedia. With over two hundred new entries
  • WWE No Way Out is schedule for 6/17/2012. The first match has been announced for the PPV
  • Cena vs. Big show,


CBS – NCIS returns for a 10th season. And Elementary a modern American take on Sherlock Holmes staring Lucy Lui as Dr. Watson to begin this fall

CN - Beware the Batman is an upcoming computer-animated television series. The series is set to air on Cartoon Network starting in 2013, as part of their DC Nation block

Convention News

In October the New York comic con returns; the dates are October 11-14, 2012. This four day event has started their guest line up. The first two guests are Geoff Johns and Jim Lee. Stay tune for more info to follow.

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