Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Batman Arkkham City:Harley Quinn's Revenge also a new Xbox 360 Bundle.

Well back to the grind after the memorial day weekend. These three day weekends go by too quick. I hope everyone enjoyed  their 3 days. The holidays around here are basically what can we do to make it neat for the baby bats. Today is basically a DLC day so I picked up the new DLC Campaign for Batman:Arkham City also The Maw and R-Type Dimensions. My wife is playing The Maw as I write this and she seems to be enjoying dragging the little Maw creature around and eating the other animals.

Now as for Arkham's City's new DLC Harley Quinn's Revenge. I have already played a little of this and playing as Robin is always a cool thing. The first level of the DLC is basically you trying to familiarize yourself with the mechanics as well as getting through Harley's goons. I only finished the first "level" of play just to get my feet wet. I am looking forward to this and finding out what is Batman's state of mind after the main campaign's ending. I will get through it sometime tonight and then have a review on it afterwards. Still need to post my Ghost Recon: Future Soldier review up almost done with that.

Over on Major Nelson's twitter page he posted the info for a new Xbox 360 250gb system bundle. According to his post as will he mentions that it is the "Racing Bundle".  The system will be made available in Mid-June and will have the MSRP of $299.00 This system will include the following.
   A. 250 GB Xbox 360 Console 
   B. Forza 4
   C. Wireless Racing Wheel

If you are interested in a new system or have not upgraded and definitely can't afford those 320gb bundles this does not seem to be a bad by though I thought the the Racing Wheel was a Kinect add-on. Even if it is not it is a nice little peripheral to have for racing games. 

Well that is all for the moment I am thinking of a contest for two arcade codes I have come across. Details coming up soon. Just keep following and also like the facebook page. You will find it under GeekyGothGamerDad.com on Facebook.

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