Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Comic Spring Cleaning.

Before the Start of my project.
No post yesterday and I am sorry for that. I had some major start of spring cleaning going on here at the house. It is always hard to clean the house or sections of the house with toddlers running about so I try to time my cleans during nap time. Sometimes I finish with time to spare other times I end up in a bigger mess till late at night. This was one of those times where I did not finish my "project" till almost 1 am.
Books needing rebagging on top of boxes and re-organized.

What was my workspace till 1 am.

My Comics spread all the way to the computer desk.
What was my project? Well that is easy it was reorganizing and bagging and boarding my comic collection. Yup this needed to be done. Usually I just get a chance to read them and then I place the comics on the boxes. Usually other things take precedent. My books for the past couple of years have been on top of boxes due to not having to place them in their spots or needing more comic boxes for the new books. I also needed to swap out some with new bags and boards. I tend to put my comics back to back to share the mylar and board plus to me it looks better because they are in numerical order anyway.

In my constant shuffle through the books certain mini-series did not seem complete which means once again I was not given books needed to finish a story thanks to my local shop. Man I am at the point that I could go all Digital on my HP Tablet or just do mail order from a shop up north I use to get my books from. This is ridiculous.  I can be very loyal to a fault on account that I love to support the local bookshop but when I see that for quite a while this has been going on then it is not only them to blame but I should have realize this sooner. Nope not anymore I am going to be the anal bastard I was before and write down my books that come in each week and compare with what they pull so that way they will not screw it up anymore. We will see if this is what changes things or will I just have to break down and no longer go to the shop and get my books elsewhere.

The closet as it is now and I still need two more comic boxes.
As you can see from the photos I was still short a few boxes to get everything in a box and sorted. Hopefully I can take care of that later this week.

Other half of the closet.
Any of you collect comics or anything else such as dvd's and what is your organization for your collections. Leave me a comment.

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