Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Used Games Opinion.

So I wanted to start this blog about my opinion on what the used game market and gaming companies ideas about it are. Now mind you these are my personal opinions and do not reflect anyone's thoughts just my own.

I do not see what all the "hub-bub" is about the used game market. I do understand that game companies and developers would like to get in on the secondary market money and that is within reason. I know it is their property that is being distributed and they do deserve to get some money from that market but there are better ways around it.

Back in the days of cartridges there were many a game store that resold traded in games that people were done with and there was no major outcry from the industry then. Now you have "season passes" to supposedly channel gamers into buying new copies if not then they are restricted from playing a portion of a game.

This is where I see the problem. As a stay at home dad and no personal income of my own. I have to basically live on the used game market. I know I am not alone because I have a lot of the dads I play with that do the same. I basically have to wait till when the game drops to a reasonable price or just wait till it is in the "bargain" bin. I have never gotten free games and do not think I could be that lucky but none the less in one shape or another I get the games I look forward to even if it is not at release. My problem is this. Considering I do not get most of my games new when I finally get my game I usually do not have to worry about not having the full game or missing sections on account of some "key" because that is what the season pass is to unlock said portion.  I do try to make an effort on getting some games new on account of my love for the franchise like HALO or Gears of War. I usually take a year to save up for whatever collector's edition of the game comes out. But that is because I wait nearly a year.

These season passes tend to worry me on when a game has passed it's cycle in the developer's eye and they have moved on to other games. What happens to those people who pick up a game used and cannot "register" for a season pass and are now forever locked from portions of a game they have been looking forward to for a lot longer than the normal wait. If the season pass was only restricted to DLC I would not see an issue but to "lock" sections of game play on the disc is a little unfair. This is them pushing you to buy something at release for said game to be "complete". I worry if the rumors of Next Gen Systems not playing used games will be true because then I am left up a river without a paddle.

I do believe there is a way for the game industry come up with a common solution with used game stores to get a cut of the sales of used games but I do not believe the season passes are it. Also would not make fans start to dislike the game companies. I am sure there can be a way for each store to lobby what they make in used games on a monthly schedule and provide the info for the companies and send a portion of sales to each company. Also helps to bring constant communications between the store and the company on how they can improve sales of their games.

Anyway I did get to pre-order Borderlands 2 because I just love the first one and yes it is close to all the major releases but the only other game I am going to pre-order is Halo 4. I would love to be able to get so many games such as the new Ghost Recon but unfortunately kids need to eat and to be clothed so certain things take precedent.

Though I am always a fan of all games. Most have to come from the used game market for me. Anyway that is my opinion. If you have any comments please leave them and enlight me on other ideas game companies can do.

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