Thursday, April 12, 2012

TV....Up and went poopy

So I was going to start this post to be about upcoming arcade titles that I am looking forward to but when I started to sit down and get organized with my 360 playing a video for me my 18 month old tv decided to show no picture and give off a burning smell. GRRREEEAATTT!! I quickly turned everything off and unplugged the tv from the outlet. Luckily the kids were taking their naps so I was able to focus at the task at hand.

We had bought my Samsung Series 3/350 not this past Black Friday but the one prior so it is actually 17 months old. I loved the tv it was a great picture and I never had an issue that is till today. I tried getting tech support but the online chat rep said it would be two days till someone can get a hold of me. Great so that means I will be at a Beltaine gathering with some tech on my cell phone. Looks like I will be bring the tv info with me just in case. Two days just to tell me they can fix it if I send it to them. AMAZING. Luckily the wife was running errands at Target and priced a Vizio tv of the same size and quality for a decent price. I will see what the tech will say if it is not too bad a cost I should be able to get it fixed to possibly put in the bedroom??

Ever had one of those days when all you wanted was to hold a controller and get lost in the world you want but something was always preventing that?? Yeah well that was today. On a good note my used games that i picked up from the Amazon warehouse came in. So I will have something to do.

Hope everyone else's day is going better than mine..:)

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