Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Toy store day for lil R and Wee Rose.

So today started off pretty normal. Kiddos doing their usual kids stuff. Except that lil R was being especially good today during a time when his mother and sister went out to run a few errands. Usually when he is very good he gets some pom-poms in his collecting jar. Well today he received enough to get a toy he wants which means a trip to Toys R Us. He has been wanting a certain train from Thomas the Tank Engine.
We for the life of us cannot find him in take and play form. We did see a wooden one but he was not really as interested. He decided on one of the new Diesels Norman and Donald the other train twin he was missing. He loves Thomas the Tank Engine. The Wee Rose also did not go without she got two new Weebles. Of course Daddy had to look for anything he may like and picked himself a Gears of War 3 figure Anya Stroud. I was very much contemplating getting the others but would look off considering I only own a Marcus and Dom from Gears of War 2.

Overall a pretty good day except I missed the UPS guy delivering my new games from Amazon that I ordered oh well there is always tomorrow.

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