Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Halo 4 scheduled for November launch Oh boy I cannnot wait!!

MY Legendary Editions of Reach and Halo 3
Sorry I did not post till late but I had been busy with more things today and the kids were very very rambunctious and rebellious today. What can you do they are toddlers.
So as the title says Microsoft announce the release date for Halo 4. HELL FREAKING YEAH!! Ok ok  now that i got the squeamish lil joy out of the way I can continue. I am so looking forward to this for quite some time. Finishing Halo 3 and seeing the Legendary Ending left me peeved because I wanted chief to be rescued and all but understood why things happened. Now all I have to do is wait for Nov. 6 2012.

Master Chief and Noble Team on the Warthog
Halo was the first game I ever owned on my original Xbox.   I remember months prior to the holidays asking my then Girlfriend Johanna and My family that if they wanted to get me anything it was the Xbox. I did not care what game they bought with it I just wanted the system. Well they surprised me with the Xbox and that was it. No game or anything. Later on a friend of Johanna had given me a gift he said it was to go with the big gift I received and he hoped I liked it. Ok first things first this guy Rob was a great friend of Johanna and I believe he still is but I looked at him as an ok guy just a lil flighty. I had a tendency of being a lil hard to get to know someone. Lo and Behold there was Halo. My first Xbox Game for my new system.

The Covenant
I remember spending hours upon hours just exploring the world. I loved it. I didn't have many friends who had an Xbox so I did not get to do the Lan Multiplayer for it but to me I felt that i did not miss anything just playing on those maps i did play the splitscreen every now and again but I know it was not the same. Now 11 years from the original launch of Halo and the Xbox a new chapter begins.
Spartans above .

I cannot wait for this. I have all my original Halo Games and from Halo 2 on I have bought all the "Definitive Editions" for the game. My wife asked me today if they have a Legendary Edition for this one where am I to put whatever "thing" will be packaged with the game. My response...is easy. Something has to move to make room for the Chief.

My continued love of Halo

I am curious to know what is my followers first step into Halo and what does the franchise mean to you if anything. I know I have gone through many changes in my life some good and some bad but one thing that remained constant was my love for Halo and the Halo Universe.  I would love comments on this or any of my blogs don't be shy...;)

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  1. Somebody loves the stickers! You got stickers on EVERY console.