Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Guest Post by a Friend

Guest Post from a friend. Hope you guys enjoy. I will add a post later today for now here is Ed.

Ed and his clone.
Hello , my gamertag is Eddy_Thorson. This is my point of view on the world of games and all things geeky.

Let’s start off with by saying that I am a single father of a stubborn preteen boy, (my evil clone). Most importantly I am a geek and proud of it. My geeky-ness extends to the world of video games, movies, wrestling, hockey, books, and the land of comics books (especially anything batman related).

The world of video games begin with the Atari 2600 (the original system) and I haven’t turn back and don’t plan on it. 
I consider myself a novice gamer compare to my friends and my clone. Due to working the late shift I put as much time to playing video games. I learn that there not enough hours in the day for work, sleep and games. 
So beware I will be behind the learning curve when playing.

I plan on writing a weekly segment for on all the stuff I mentioned including my clone(Son) .

I hope to critique comics, movies and especially video games.
Of course writing about the misadventures with my clone. The most important area of my geeky world.

Welcome and enjoy my point of view of this crazy and ever changing, geeky world of gamers, comics, and etc.

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