Friday, April 20, 2012

Good day of gaming goodies.

Hope everyone is feeling good and I would like to say thanks to anyone who reads my blog. I am just  being me.

So as a gamer I try to avoid certain purchases because I am on an extreme budget. When it comes to mobile gaming I am usually on my windows phone or my old Game boy Advance. My wife has a Nintendo DS that was given to her for christmas but I usually end up buying games for her to play on it. I hardly touch it. I was looking on Craigslist on Monday or Tuesday do not recall but came across a ad of someone selling their PSP and 4 games for it for 50 dollars. I took a bite and told the guy if he would take 40 in thinking that they would ignore my email and be done with it. In response they came back and said they would take 45 no less. SOLD!! I could not pass up the chance of this.

Wee Rose showing she can play ball.
Lil R' on the baseball saying cheese.
We met today as I had the lil ones playing at the International Mall play area.  Seems there was a lil extra with the purchase the case he had for it and a car/room charger that had multi-outlets for different things. Hell yes a great find. With that I went to Gamestop to purchase a 4 gb memory stick.

the PSP
 As I started to fiddle around I remembered I had two psp games on my PS3 that were free from the whole mess of PSN going down. Which was cool so I have a total of 7 games on the birth of my psp.

In other gaming news the Beta for Diablo 3 is open this weekend so if your into dungeon crawlers this is a must for you all. I will pass on account I will be on the Ghost Recon Future Soldier Beta.
Games in a UMD holder.

By the way if you are interested in the Ghost Recon Beta just follow and leave me a comment I have 2 more codes in my possession. 


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