Monday, April 16, 2012

Beltaine Festival over the weekend....AND FEZ!!

Ok So for Friday and the rest of the weekend I was M.I.A. I must explain why. See as a pagan dad we went down to a Pagan Event over the weekend in celebration of Beltaine. For those not in the know that is the end of winter and the dawn of a new spring. So we went to celebrate with others. Though mostly my wife got to vend and push her business along which I think was a success for her. As for the kids ok two toddlers who refused to nap both days end up for a very long and tiresome day for mommy and daddy. The Lil Rose was the saner of the two which was surprising but she did have her moments. Lil R just wanted to be everywhere with his lil and dirt.

On the gaming front though I was able to pick up Fez and though I have not finished it I find it amazing!! Colors and gameplay are awesome. Reminds me so much from my days as a kid on the Super NES playing some sidescroller that would just envelope me for hours.
I also love that you also do not have a rush on this game there is no sense of urgency and makes you appreciate the work put into the game. I have  a little trouble on the jumping aspect but i think it is just me and not the controller. It is a game that makes my wife stop just to see what I am doing. To me that is a great sign. I highly recommend getting it no matter what.
It is 800 Microsoft points on the marketplace though there is always the free trial but trust me it is a solid must buy game. The level designs are simply stunning. They have my head just constantly thinking what to do next. Love a game that just gets me thinking yet does not rush the process so I can enjoy the game. Not many games pull this off so well.
I want to know what your thoughts on the game are so if you are playing it leave me a comment.

Ok that is enough praise on Fez though it is well deserved. I also just received in the mail my copy of COD:MW2 and a huge ps2 game lot I picked up on the dirt cheap from the Amazon Warehouse. The only Xbox 360 game I found on there was a copy of Splinter Cell Conviction. I love Tom Clancy games. Next to Halo 4 and Borderlands 2 my most anticipated game is the new Ghost Recon:Future Soldier.

There is really a ton of games coming out but I have to limit myself. I am curious to know what games are you all looking forward to either in the short time coming or in the rest of the year. So leave me a comment also with your wants for the year.

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